Let’s Start Making Great Content

Finally setup a few of my social media accounts:
Twitter – @SirDanielLawson
Email – Daniel@DanielLawson.net
PornHub – Daniel_Lawson

PornHub? Why PornHub if you’re a writer?

Thank you. I’m glad you asked. One of my larger projects that I am very excited to start on is creating kink and flogging instructional content. First, I will be producing videos on Flogging for Beginners. Hopefully 3 – 5 videos of explaining the basics, such as negotiation, positioning your bottom, types of leathers, different flogger types, where to strike, swinging patterns, escalation, and florentine.

I have studied flogging content across the internet, and while insightful, they all lack the presentation of connection it can create with your bottom partner. So many people think that it’s a distribution of pain. When it’s so much deeper, as a delivery of impact that builds up to pleasure and an energy connection. The power to put someone in subspace so deep, your bottom won’t be able to walk straight or complete full sentences. It’s not only a heavenly bliss to experience, it is truly amazing to gift to someone.

Subspace: A “natural high” that a sub (or bottom) gets during a scene or when being controlled. The sub may feel disconnected from time, space, and/or their body, and may have limited ability to communicate. It is critical that a Dom(me)/top take responsibility for the sub/bottom and be aware of their sub’s well being if they are in subspace. Long-term dominance and submission relationships without impact play may alternatively define subspace as ‘a mental state where the submissive feels a deep emotional resonance or connection with the dom'[2]


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