The toy bag, a Dom’s best friend

Being a Dominant is an immense amount of hard work. Cleaning toys, scheduling, setting up the perfect scene, coming up with fresh ideas, and always presenting yourself in the best possible light are a few of the challenges we all face. And, that is why your toy bag also needs to be on top of it’s game.

Sure, lugging around your torturous implements are the main part of the job, but there are other factors you need to consider. For instance, once you’re about to start a scene, the clock is ticking. Certain dungeons only grant an hour of play time for the room. Is your bottom standing still, watching and waiting for you to unpack? How much of that hour are you taking to set up?

First thing, does your bag carry all of your toys effectively? One thing that doesn’t look elegant are canes poking up, out of the wheeled luggage. Personally, I won’t judge anyone for this, but, having the right bag or even a case for your canes demonstrates professionalism.

Next, are you able to carry or roll the bag efficiently? Carrying a bag that is too heavy is bad for your posture and will tire you out before the real fun even begins. Or what about the luggage with the extending handle? Is the extension too long or too short? Unable to control your bag or bending backwards is not only uncomfortable but also looks comical. 

So now, you’ve made it into the club. You and your sub have obtained a great play space, but now face a new challenge. No table or area to lay out your toys properly. Are you going to have to rely on pulling your toys out of the bag one at a time? Are your toys in order well enough that you can grab what you want, when you want? Or is your bottom, who is bound to the cross, getting cold while you rummage past your six pairs of floggers looking for your favorite paddle? Having a bag you can keep orderly can be difficult, but definitely worth it. Having specific slots, pockets, or hooks for specific instruments will make a huge difference at the critical moment. Also, are you able to pack everything away quickly at the end of the scene? Your bottom is floating high in sub-space and ready to be sat on a comfy couch and taken care of. How long will it take you to get organized and packed away? There have been times when I’ve lost track of time and had to rush to pack everything away, throwing it into the bag. I’m glad I have this option. 

Lastly, what does your bag say about you? I know I said earlier that I’m not one to judge, but there are those who will. For example, a new top was looking for pick-up play at a regular, Friday night play party. It wasn’t working out for him for multiple reasons. One, being his toy bag was a cloth grocery bag with various toys sticking out from it. Unfortunately for him, this loudly communicates that he is inexperienced and could be easily taken as a red flag. Having something that projects professionalism with some personal flair can make all the difference.

I, myself, started out with a simple black duffle bag. Easy to carry, store in the bag areas, and fit my limited amount of impact toys. But, after a while, it filled and made it more difficult to find the right implement when I needed it. I then moved up to a large toolbag, added a bit of flair to make it less “plumber looking” and more alternative dapper. Lined pockets for all of my sensation implements, ample room for floggers and paddles, and even long enough for my canes made it fit most of my criteria.

The Dom’s toy bag is much more important than hauling instruments. View its purpose as to make your life easier and look good while doing it. If yours isn’t, then it’s time for an upgrade.

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