I am a 37/M in Los Angeles. I have been in the Kink / BDSM community for over 8 years. I am a sensual sadist and prefer Impact Play as a Top. I view the act, as channeling my energy through an instrument into my participant. Then followed by a kiss on the neck, a tongue outlining the ear, a gentle caress down a bare back. There can truly be an intoxicating energy with the right person.

Flogging has become the foundation of my play. I’ve taken classes from the best in the Los Angeles area and am now demo-flogging and teaching for the parties Club Awakening and Insight. Flogging is definitely the most versatile and orchestral forms of impact.

I am currently working on instructional flogging videos for steaming distribution. I host private parties in Downtown Los Angeles. And, hope to one day get this book written that I keep going on about.

Also, I do provide private sessions for both instructional and pleasure. Please contact me at my email address for more information.